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Javno komunalno preduzeće “SAVA” Pećinci je osnovano Odlukom Skupštine Opštine Pećinci 1991 godine, a radi obezbeđenja trajnog obavljanja delatnosti od opšteg interesa i urednog zadovoljavanja potreba korisnika proizvoda i usluga, razvoja i unapređivanja obavljanja delatnosti od opšeg interesa.

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Recyclers are the inspiration of our society.

With a broad range of experience across multiple industries around the globe, our award-winning team produces technology management and consultancy solution Provide users.

Disposal in Water Bodies

Some types of waste are so hazardous that they need to be disposed of as far away from people as possible.

Wasting is down, and recycling is up.

Incineration is a highly effective method of waste disposal when you’re dealing with highly toxic and hazardous waste.